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Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

  • Integrated Waste collection and Transport.
  • Bin level sensors notifies the fill status.
  • GPS and OBD sensors collects and transmits Vehicle data.
  • Efficient Route planning.
  • Reduced cost, congestion and pollution.

Collection and safe disposal of solid waste is still a daunting task. Solid waste management until now has only been a social responsibility, it can be a critical nation building exercise in establishing Healthier and wealthier communities. More importantly by recycling the solid waste we can effectively address environmental pollution and toxicity issues. Unattended solid waste leads to environmental pollution and health hazards affecting all life forms from water to air.

Solid Waste Management assists in economic development and improved quality of life and depletes the adverse impact on the environment and health. The critical aspect of environmental hygiene is the presence of an integrated solid waste management system.

Baker Tilly InfoTech developed an IoT application to bring in efficiencies and effectiveness to optimize the solid waste collection process. Bin level sensors inform the fill level, based on which the collection vehicle route planning can be dynamically determined and assigned to the nearest Vehicle. Thus optimizing time, energy, efforts involved in collecting Solid Waste.

Our Solution platform

  • Provides data from Sensor based waste bins and GPS based collection vehicles that offers projections for capacity management and Scheduling of waste collection.
  • Helps to track and maintain clean bins. Use of smart sensors to track the level of filled bins and notify the concerned authorities to initiate measures for cleanliness.
  • Suggests route optimization to reduce trips, pickup time which in turn help to service more locations.
  • Efficient monitoring and management of waste collection bins by utilizing Weight and Volume base proximity sensors, the central command centre can monitor the attendance and updates from field staff in real time.
  • Our solid waste management platform is also embedded with real time Alarm and Alerts for field staff to respond to incidents on time.
  • An Integrated command control and operation centre ensures better Performance management by using real time data, workforce planning and optimum utilization of resources.
  • Integrated analytics and dashboards reporting performance metrics all along the process.