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Smart Utility Management

Smart Utility Management


  • Pre-paid Post-paid metering system & Energy audit
  • Renewable energy integration
  • Remote meter reading and Interval metering
  • Import-Export net measurement
  • Outage and Peak load management
  • Demand side including DR
  • Power quality management
  • Remote connect / disconnect, Remote alerts (tamper) & notifications
  • Remote meter upgrades
  • Remote health check

With ever increasing demand for utilities especially Energy and Water the world faces a daunting task of optimizing their utilization and conserving them efficiently. Internet of Things Technology offers effective solutions to address these issues efficiently.

Baker Tilly has developed Smart Utility Solutions that can measure, monitor, analyze and optimize the utilization across Power, Water, Gas and other utilities.

Smart Energy Solutions:

a. Windmill Monitoring Solution: b. Smart Power Solution C. Smart Water Solution and D. Smart Tower Solutions.

Smart Power Solution: Baker Tilly has developed a patent pending Electric meter that serves to both upload and download from the same device. This innovative solution makes the distributed power grids to be more efficient and economical. Further our Meters can handle the energy fluctuations, load distribution, peak load handling, applying threshold to regulate the power consumption and also on-demand services of additional power usage and billing.

Smart Water: Water is severely scarce and water resources across the world are getting depleted day by day. Coupled with the global warming and other climatic changes and ever increasing demand the world is facing a herculean task of preserving, replenishing as well as optimizing the water resources and usage. Our Smart Water IoT solution brings phenomenal capabilities in measure, monitor, control and optimize all aspects of water utilization conservation.


  • Water/energy/gas leakage detection
  • Remote Operations through Mobile Phone
  • Auto starting of pump on reaching threshold value
  • Auto stop of Pump when water level above threshold value
  • Get Water Tank Level on your mobile phone
  • Save Motor from defective Power Supply
  • Auto logging of Events such as pump start/stop etc.
  • More efficient systemic water management
  • Water quality and safety monitoring
  • Quality control on water reserves
  • Transparency on consumption
  • Prescriptive maintenance on infrastructure