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Smart Estate Management

Smart Estate Management

  • Security and Surveillance
  • Smart Lighting and Smart Energy
  • Visitor Management with identity authentication
  • Vehicle identity authentication with Govt. authorities
  • Vehicle and Visitor tracking
  • Route violation reporting and alerting security personnel
  • GIS based real-time image rendering
  • Asset Tracking and Performance Management
  • Integrated Command Control & e-services platform

Industrial estates (IE) are today perceived as an integral part of development strategies across world. The speed and control of operations at Industrial estate are need of the hour for business operations. The main challenge is to integrate different services offered at estates for effective management of Industrial Estates.

Baker Tilly Infotech provides a unified platform solution leveraging IoT technology in planning and executing Innovative solutions to showcase the advantages of estate management. Our IoT, automated solution empowers the enterprises with real time information on utilization of storage space, asset tracking, energy management, Utilities, security and surveillance, waste Management and utilities management.

Our solution maps the Industrial Estates resources with GIS (Geographic information System). The team can centrally operate and control usage of light, power, water, storage space and HVAC based equipment. By using smart meters and integration of Industrial Equipment the usage of services based on time and billing can be audited for different zones.

Baker Tilly Infotech's IoT solution in Smart Waste Management helps in management of hazardous materials and wastes to be properly disposed of in compliance with industry safety norms. We provide insights by integrating the IoT solutions with equipment in waste management process of collecting, sorting segregating and weighing of waste. The waste collected can be further analyzed with our "ProSync" platform to take effective solutions on recycling.

Baker Tilly Infotech offers Bouquet of technology solutions to Industrial Estate clients to have competitive advantage in the business line. Our expertise in IoT and Industrial solutions, offers an integrated and inter operable solutions in all verticals of business.

Special Features:-

  • Scalable platform to integrate every service along with the business growth.
  • Real Time control on people, process and technology
  • IoT Integration platform, sensors can be seamlessly integrated with business systems
  • Manage Remote operations and update new business processes easily from central location.
  • Assured Security for estates with 24*7 monitoring of people and assets.