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Oracle Human Capital Management(HCM)

Baker Tilly InfoTech (BIT) provides IT services that add strategic value to the business operations not only through large and complex IT implementations but also proprietary solutions that stack up and enhance functionalities. This is offered through leveraging on our vast industry experience, thorough expertise, latest tools and technologies. This enables our customers to achieve their business objectives and reap rich dividends on their IT investments, by providing innovative, best-in-class, robust and scalable business solutions.

As thoughts leaders in the IT space, our rich consulting experience has translated in identifying key areas within frameworks that need extensions to enhance and address specific organisational and user requirements. One such effort is a set of following key extensions developed for ORACLE HRMS implementation. These extensions provide immense value adds to the existing HRMS implementation in organizations through empowering employees and saving productive time.

Following are the key value adds developed by BakerTilly InfoTech for Oracle HRMS:

  • I. Organization chart
  • II. Mobility Solution
  • III. Leave Planner for Managers

Organization chart

The Need

Most organizations find it difficult to visualize organization charts. Even though they are using tier 1 ERP application, they have to depend on 3rd party tools such as Visio, power point, Org Plus etc. to prepare visually appealing charts. Updating charts using such tools on regular basis is time consuming and painful process and often requires IT assistance to extract data.

Organization restructuring is another scenario where organizations face challenges in documenting hierarchy changes, printing and getting it approved. Re-organization requires several iterations and involves many departments working together.

At BakerTilly we realize this significance and have developed Oracle based Add-on to overcome such challenges. BIT Org Chart sits on top of Oracle HRMS and provides real time, secured visual representation of both organization and supervisor hierarchies. Some of the key features for this tool are highlighted below:

Salient Features

  • 1. Visualize Current Structure -Review current organization structure in Oracle HRMS online
  • 2. Simulate What If Scenarios through Drag & Drop - Create versions of current organization structure and edit online through drag & drop
  • 3. Online Approvals- Send draft structure to higher management for review/approval online
  • 4. Monitor KPIs - View organization KPIs in the hierarchy.
  • 5. Instant CorporateDirectory- Ability to search for employees by name or title, instantly.
  • 6. Track History/Versions - Track versions of different Organization Structure prepared as simulations
  • 7. Securely Integrated - Works on same security as implemented in Oracle HRMS
  • 8. Export to PDF and Excel

Benefits to Customers

  • Real time, secured charts based on HRMS data
  • Saves time and efforts in simulations
  • Online approvals with full audit
  • Automatic employee master updates to Oracle after approval.

Leave Planner

The Need

By implementing online leave request and approval process through Oracle Self Service HR (SSHR), organization empowers employees and managers to take control of absence management for their department. However, as the team size increases, managers find managing team absences a time consuming and often frustrating task even though the capabilities such as approval through email is made available. System does not provide ability to view all approved and requested absence request in a single view. This limits the ability of managers to well plan leave days and replacements. Organizations, therefore, risks themselves in business continuity due to wrong decisions for leave approvals.

Leave planner makes life simple for managers. It helps managers to view absences (both approved and requested) of all team members in his/her department in a single dashboard and to take informed decision of approving leaves from the same page. By identifying leave conflicts quickly, managers can take corrective actions well in advance and mitigate any risk for impact on business continuity. Further it also helps in avoiding situations for late leave cancellations leading to impact on employee’s motivation.

The Features

For Managers

  • View all leave requests (approved and pending approval) in single screen
  • View weekends, public holidays along with the leave requests.
  • Real time data - seamless integration with Oracle HRMS
  • Secured - utilizes same responsibility level security in Oracle HRMS.
  • View conflicts in absence requests
  • Approve/Reject leave request from same screen.
  • User friendly screen


  • Ensure business continuity by avoiding leaves conflicts. Increased productivity
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Increased ERP (Oracle HRMS) adaption

Mobility Solution

The Need

With the development of smart phones and mobile app there has not only been a large use in the social segments by way of games and other activities but also businesses and internal processes have significantly benefitted.

The need to boost productivity has seen the adaptation of technology in diverse ways across industry functions. HR has not lagged behind. Mobile Application for Oracle Self Service HR enables employees and managers to act on HR related requests anywhere and anytime thus saving valuable organization time.

A simple task of leave application and approval, the task of keeping updated with the pay are just a touch away on a mobile phone.

The Features

Our mobility solutions for Oracle HRMS just do the above and more. Tailored to enrich user needs and with capability of further customization to plug into the client needs on Oracle HRMS, a few key features include

  • Custom developed Interfaces.
  • Multi-platform support
  • Multi lingual Support
  • User friendly notifications.
  • Quick EIT and SIT Mobile Interface implementation


  • User friendly
  • Maximize Staff Efficiency
  • Reduce absence
  • Increases Employee level Connectivity
  • Increases productivity.