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Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Assets are primary building blocks of businesses and demand effective management for high returns on Investment. The assets value and performance has to be always in sync for effective planning of operations. The asset utilization influences every industry and requires continuous monitoring for optimization.

Baker Tilly Infotech's Asset Sync platform connects physical assets and equipments with digital world to capture vital statistics in business domain. Our Asset Performance Management solution encompasses full spectrum of Asset life cycle management including Asset planning, procurement, registration, tracking, monitoring, managing, maintaining, retiring and liquidating.

Leveraging IoT (Internt of Things) we automate capturing of assets movement, inventory and utilization information. Automated alerts drive preventive maintenance reducing breakdowns to minimize the collateral damages and economic loss. Our sensors provide vital attributes of location, performance, utilization and maintenance schedule of assets for production team to optimize the business throughput.

We bring the smart approach in distributed business model with our custom IoT solutions interconnecting technology, people and process. Customers are empowered with real time tracking in location, stock cycle-counts and work in progress Reports.

Customers will have complete visibility of movable and immovable assets of the enterprise. Comparative analytics in respective business domains with Predictive Analytical capabilities will empower customers to maximize ROI through optimized Asset Performance Management and to develop innovative asset centric business models.


  • Maximize the Value and Utilization of Assets
  • Intelligent asset deployment
  • Better decisions based on Analytical insights
  • Asset procurement and Service cost Transparency
  • Planned downtime and preventive maintenance
  • Scheduled inspections
  • Predictive intelligence
  • Optimized allocation of assets for better ROI
  • Collect, Consolidate and analyze information about all types of assets
  • Improve operational efficiency through better asset availability, reliability and asset utilization
  • Decrease total cost of ownership
  • Extend useful life of assets, improve ROI and defer new purchases
  • Unified processes for wide-ranging asset management functions across multiple sites