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Product Capabilities

Product Capabilities

We at Lenorasoft have gained immense expertise and experience in the area of developing SAP based products to meet critical parameters of the business world. We have identified that continuous change creates collaborative opportunities. Our customized product development encourages: integrated development system, implementation and consulting, provides a vibrant access for domain expertise with reduced costs.

  • Residential Quarter Management System

    Residential Quarter Management System (RQMS) is an SAP add-on that helps in effective management of a residential quarter lifecycle including processing of applications for allocation and maintenance of residential quarters. RQMS, with its easily customizable allocation metrics, provides a host of reports and value added features to system users.

    Why RQMS 1.The only ‘SAP Certified Product’ in Indian market for residential quarter management.
    2.Leveraging upon the power of SAP NetWeaver, RQMS can fully integrate with your SAP solution-based environment.
    3.Comprehensive features to take care of every aspect of a residential quarter lifecycle.
  • SAP Mobility Projects

    The Demand for SAP/Sybase Enterprise Mobility is Tremendous!

    Mobilize your business quickly and confidently with little complexity, minimal set-up time, and zero infrastructure costs – with mobility services from SAP and our trusted partners. Our experts help you to provide mobile security services, speed time to value, reduce risk, and more.

    Empower your employees, customers, and stakeholders with new and innovative mobile software from SAP.

    1.Develop custom mobile apps with SAP.
    2.Retain and win more clients with innovative apps.
    3.Empower customers and employees to improve efficiency and productivity.
    4.Accelerate business returns and end-to-end services with mobile analytics.