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Functional Capabilities

Functional Capabilities

We enable business to effectively handle specific business tasks on their own with solutions that are comprehensive, engaging and flexible enough to start anywhere and still go everywhere.

Consistent and innovative solutions to enhance your Human Capital, Financial, Procurement, supply chain and all essential business functions. We typically focus on the best practices and methodologies to enable effectiveness in all processes.

Our technical experts provide sharp focus on integration and deliverables and are proficient in detailed planning and rapid decision-making qualities, ensuring success in every project.

  • Human Capital Management (HCM)

    Lenorasoft is a go-to SAP Partner in the line of Business HCM. SAP HCM has been our core competency from the time of inception of SAP Practice at Tricon. We have some of the best HCM technical and functional consultants who strive to help you realize the full potential of SAP HCM. Our techno-functional consultants have hands on experience implementing HCM in various countries and are well equipped to develop innovative and consistent solutions that your enable your organization to perform at a much higher and efficient levels.

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  • Financials (FICO)

    Our resources with their skills and domain knowledge coupled with their client and project management skills are experts in handling one of the most important modules of ERP – SAP FICO. We have functional and technical experts across all areas related to FICO such as Financial Accounting (FI), Controlling (CO), Investment Management (IM), Treasury (TR) and Enterprise Control (EC).

  • Material Management (MM)

    Materials management plans and designs for the delivery, distribution, storage, collection, and removal of occupant-generated streams of materials and services. Our SAP MM is integrated with procurement, finance; controlling, sales and distribution etc. We specialize in providing an undisrupted chain of components for production to manufacture goods on time for the customer base.

  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

    We provide end-to-end SAP SRM implementation solutions having the capabilities to carry out both technical and functional upgrades. Our solution architects possess subject matter expertise in the areas of SRM UI Add-ons, SRM Sourcing and Ariba. Our team of expert SRM solution architects leveraged the unique capabilities of the SRM solution to set up pre-configured accelerators. This allows quick deployment of SRM solutions. Our years of experience and expertise professionals are not only our advantage but also the reasons for the popularity of our services to our valuable clients and customers.

    We provide:

    1.Optimal strategic sourcing planning due to availability of the advanced tools, support system, technologies and a pool of talented staff members.
    2.Easy and simple track down of the performance level of staff.
    3.Help you in keeping your business venture in sync with the global sourcing strategies. 4.We make all your procurement an extremely convenient and easy task.
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

    Our SAP PLM modules can give you an edge over your competitors in these ever changing and innovative markets. SAP PLM application enhances your processes with a 360 degree support for all product related processes.

    With our PLM module we enable you to

    1.Create and deliver innovative products
    2.Gain an edge over your competitors by being able to take advantage of opportunities
    3.Optimize your process to increase efficiency and speed up the time to market
    4.Ensure that your product is in compliance with the industry, regulatory and quality standards.
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

    With Lenorasoft SCM consulting and implementation, give your organization the edge over your competitors by increasing customer service and improving response time. Keep up with the ever changing marketplace by coordinating the entire supply network. Manage and analyze your entire network in real time, improve response time and collaborate with departments.

    Our supply chain management solution can provide the ability to:

    1.Share knowledge on changing market conditions and plan, execute and coordinate every aspect of your supply chain more efficiently and effectively.
    2.Reduce capital investment and costs by increasing turnover with more efficient and accurate production and distribution plans.
    3.Increase revenue through advanced information sharing and improved response demands.
    4.Improve collaboration and helping to cut response times.
    5.Streamline overall operations by improving asset utilization and reducing order cycle times to create a responsive, efficient and adaptive supply chain.