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Smart FLEET Management

Smart FLEET Management

Baker Tilly Infotech's "ProSync" IoT platform provides information for all stake holders with rich analytical reports. Our Smart Transport Management Solutions encompasses all aspects of the ecosystem including the Vehicles, drivers, passengers or goods being transported.

Our IoT based smart Transport solution empowers transport operators with complete fleet management analytical reports. It also provides analytics at each level of operations.

OBD sensors relay the messages about vehicle condition there by enabling efficient and effective preventive maintenance planning. This helps in maintaining high utilization levels and lowers breakdown costs significantly. More uptime means more predictability, enhanced capacity and ability to do more business there by increasing the top line and bottom line.

Our integrated driver monitoring sensors continuously monitor the driver and ensures he is alert and awake, there by improving the overall safety and averting any potential accidents due to driver fatigue.

We also specialize in monitoring the condition of the goods being transported be it temperature, humidity, pressure, fuel level and even bacterial load for food items to ensure ideal conditions are maintained through out the journey as well as any in transit losses are adequately recorded and reported.

Our Smart Transport Solution provides for high degree of compliance, safety and security there by maximizing the service revenue, customer satisfaction, meets compliance and safety standards, and monitors and measures all aspects of transportation on an integrated and intelligent platform.

Prosync monitors performance indicators of drivers assuring the safety and efficiency in fleet management. Monitoring and recording driver behaviour helps in identifying areas of improvement, training requirements and makes the Drivers more responsible and well organized.

Drivers can use ProSync mobile app to have vehicle health status, connect to central team for accident/breakdown assistance, logbook, collaborate with other drivers on transit updates.

Our Smart Transport Solution provides Dashboards, Custom alerts, Route Optimization, Maintenance Schedule, Analytical reports and Integration APIs for other applications such as ERP.