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Smart AgriTech Platform

Smart AgriTech Platform

  • Accurate data on farm holdings and cropping pattern
  • Geo Tagging of land holdings
  • Connected Agri ecosystem including all stake holders
  • Crop input advisory
  • Disease and pest control and management
  • Crop insurance and financial support made easy
  • Connecting research findings with farmers directly
  • Integrated and intelligent large scale agricultural ecosystem
  • Integration with open market data and weather data
  • Mobile app for farmers and all other stake holders
  • Disease diagnosis delivered in real time on the farm

World over, agricultural production is faced with myriad challenges. Farmers in emerging economies are fighting uncertainty, low crop yield, lack of reliable information and dynamic market forces, leaving them desperate and vulnerable. The questions that plague Governments, agricultural scientists, food economists and industry is: how can food security be achieved if the goal is to feed approximately 9.7 billion people by 2050?

On the other hand farmers need access to better tools, accurate and timely information and genuine services that will facilitate better farming practices leading to improved yield, market-based economic growth and sustainable development.

Baker Tilly with its intelligent and integrated AgriTech platform provides a Technology led transformative digital solution to bring together all forces and stakeholders of agricultural ecosystem together to facilitate smooth flow of accurate, complete and consistent information. Our Agritech platform connects all stakeholders with mobile and web applications. Farmers can access the system through their Smartphone and can remain connected even through 2G mobiles. Further contact centres can be setup in the remote areas to connect them to the platform that brings all stake holders including agricultural research bodies, Governments, corporates, Financial institutions, Crop insurance providers, Seed producers, Soil testing laboratories, procurement agencies, marketing boards and weatherman. Seamless exchange of data occurs across the platform benefiting the farmer who is at the centre of the ecosystem.


  • Opens doors for meaningful engagement with farmers for more holistic policy making
  • Eliminating technology transfer issues with a dedicated Digitally Empowered, Self-Employed Extension Force using the digital platform for resolution of farming issues and challenges
  • Direct farm-to-market connects leading to stable market prices and putting more money in the farmer's pocket
  • Boosting exports due to reliable and verifiable traceability of farm inputs and produce
  • Accurate assessment of crop damage and compensation determination due to calamities
  • Data driven decision making on profitable cropping pattern
  • Ability to control epidemics early in the life cycle
  • Connecting research bodies directly with the farmers expedites lab to farm implementations and large scale adoptions
  • Excellent and only means of reliable, accurate and dependable data capture including location data.